About Us

Agnes Farkas, founder of Maamajombo Safaris

I have extensively traveled, studied and lived in many parts of the world, though my heart has always drawn me towards Africa.

After I graduated with an MSc in Biology form the University of Graz in Austria I put my bicycle into the airplane with two bags and flew to Kenya. I reached Uganda by bicycle from there. The sense of this journey was to experience Africa in a different way and also to accomplish a goal that I proposed to myself. I spent my first some months working with the mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda and was part of the long-term research project that is carried out on this highly endangered species.

I keep discovering and experiencing Uganda and its neighboring countries on my own or by guiding my clients on the safaris. I believe that my knowledge and experience I gained during these years in Africa help me  to organize extraordinary and adventurous tours.
Though I pay attention to punctuality and well organized itineraries on each safari, there is no doubt that spontaneity is what often makes Maamajombo trips unforgettable… such as trying out some local food or going on a spontaneous walk in a small, hidden village…I compile an individual tour for each traveler or traveler group concerning their requirements and special wishes.

If time allows I work as a tour leader/guide on the safaris. Guiding is offered in German, English, Spanish and Hungarian.  When we travel long distances from one park to another one or when we sit at the fire after dinners I share with you the amazing moments and stories which I experienced in the last some years by living in Uganda, working with gorillas or by traveling around on the continent.

Africa has so many special places, people and animals. Our aim is to show all these to you on the safari which you take with us.

Sustainable tourism

The word ‘Africa’ is often associated with indigenous people, tribal dances, handcrafts, masks and revealing ornaments. Unfortunately many African cultures are disappearing due to the modernization and infrastructure.
In Uganda there are many tribes who have been dislocated from their original home area due to the establishment of national parks. ‘Community tourism’ contributes to empowering local small communities in sustainable development. Many of these communities are situated near national parks, which provide their only significant source of income. Showing curiosity, appreciation and respect towards their culture helps the preservation of it.

All our tours whether budget or luxury, offer participation in sustainable community development activities. Without tourism many animal species such as Uganda’s beloved gorillas probably would have gone extinct.

Maamajombo works exclusively with local employees in Uganda.
Our guides are experienced and well trained Ugandan guides who are passionate about showing you the beauty of their homeland.
On our birding trips we use only local guides living or working adjacent to the national parks or reserves as they are the true experts of this environment.

All our flyers and name cards are printed on recycled paper. Contact me for more information about us.