About Tanzania


The breathtaking landscapes of the Serengeti with its abundant wildlife and the Ngorongoro  crater, the Eden of Africa,  could be one of the highlights of your East African Tour. Millions of wildebeest and zebras migrate from the Southern part of the Serengeti to Massai Mara in Kenya and back looking for fresh grass. The biggest terrestrial animal migration on Earth is occurring here every year. Predators like lions, cheetahs, or leopards are concentrating around the enormous herds and crocodiles catch the weaker ones at crossing the rivers.

Africa’s highest mountain, the snow-peaked Kilimanjaro emerges 5890 m high from Tanzanian soil. It is the highest free-standing volcanic mountain in the world. Many people come to Tanzania to conquer the sky-scraping summit.

Gombe Stream National Park is a destination off the beaten track. If you want to hide from the touristic places then visiting Gombe and its chimpanzees is a perfect place for you. The famous primatologist, Jane Goodall has started behavioral research on wild chimpanzees in this tropical forest in the 1960’s. Nowadays visitors can track chimpanzees here, do forest walks and swim in the lake Tanganyika.

The Southern part of Tanzania hides Ruaha , a less visited National Park. The Great Rift Valley crosses the park. It is the largest protected ecosystem in East-Africa and apart from the big predators and common antilops it inhabits the rare Great Kudus and the endangered wild dogs. Long wilderness walking safaris can be taken in the untouched bushes. The park is extraordinary for those who want to enjoy solitude and peace in the nature without seeing other 15 cars on a game drive.